Mail & Packages

Correct addressing of mail and packages is critical to insure prompt delivery to our residents. 

Residents can view their on-campus living address by logging into Campus Express and choosing the "My Housing" tab. 

Residents can view their on-campus mailing address for their College House of Sansom Place building by clicking on the Proper Format page

Quick Tip

US Postal Service "Delivery Confirmation" services for mail sent to a College House or Sansom resident apply only for delivery to the Philadelphia Postal substation, and not for final delivery to the Penn residence.  It may take several more days for the USPS to sort and deliver the package to campus. Services such as UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver directly to campus, with more accurate confirmation options.


For updates on service impacts to USPS mail and packages, go to


For information on recent changes to services and prices from USPS, please click the links below:


As a reminder -- only items purchased from Amazon can be shipped to the Amazon@Penn store. Ordering from another company -- use your mailing address!

All on-campus residents will receive email notifications related to all packages and delivered mail. 


During regular volume periods residents can expect a 24-36 hour turn between mail or packages being received and a notification being sent out.

You will be assigned to a specific package locker location based on the building where you live. If you live in a building that doesn’t have package lockers than your packages will be available for pick up at the nearest building that does. You will be able to access this building from 8AM – 9PM daily to retrieve your package. 

Residents will receive an email notification letting them know at what location their package will be available for pick-up.

  • English House: Next to the Dining Hall entrance
  • Harrison: Basement Lounge
  • Harnwell: Basement Lounge
  • Hill: Atrium
  • Quadrangle:  McClelland Room 134
  • Rodin: Basement Lounge
  • Sansom Place East: Lobby



  • Each package locker location will have an instructional card with directions on how to operate the lockers.
  • Residents’ addresses are assigned to specific package lockers closest to their residential building
  • To use the lockers, you will scan the barcode that was sent to you in your package notification email at display monitor at your specified package locker location and the locker door containing your package will pop open. Once you have retrieved your package you will need to be sure to close the locker door so that it is ready to be reloaded for the next resident.  
  • If you need assistance operating your locker you may visit your Mail and Package Center and ask a Canon representative for help.   

Your mailing address has been updated to no longer include a mailbox number. Your email notification regarding the delivery of mail or packages will provide you information about getting your items from the lockers.

Package lockers can accommodate shipping envelopes and small to medium sized boxes. Large boxes and oversized items will not fit into the package lockers and you will need to pick them up from your Mail and Package Center, located in Harnwell and Hill.

Please note that letter mail will still be held and retrieved from your designated Mail and Package Center, located in either Harnwell College House or Hill College House.


Flowers, plants, fruit arrangements or baskets, baked goods or similar items should be sent through local vendors or carriers as our Info Centers accept delivery of these items only through delivery by these vendors. After the items are logged in, the Info Center will contact the resident for pick up.

Grocery deliveries (Amazon Fresh Direct/Hello Fresh/Instacart) are not accepted by the Mail and Package Center or the Information Center Desks. Residents must receive their grocery deliveries directly from their vendors.

Residents are asked to pick up any perishable delivery as soon as possible. 

Penn students have several options for shipping items to campus.

  • Amazon@Penn offers the Penn community a convenient and secure location to pick up and return Amazon orders. Additionally, Amazon Student and Prime Members will receive free same day pickup of orders place by noon on over two million items. Amazon@Penn is open at 1920 Commons seven days a week, M-F, from 9 am - 9 pm, and on Saturday-Sunday from noon-9 pm  (Hours will vary during University breaks). Learn more at Amazon@Penn 
  • Any College House or Sansom Place resident can use the University’s new PersonalShip program, allowing them to ship express mail packages via UPS and DHL at Penn’s discounted rates, for significant savings on shipping costs. PersonalShip is easy to use. Simply visit the PersonalShip webpage, click on the graphic and enter your Pennkey and Password; enter your credit/debit card information, fill out the requested information, print your shipping label and any other documentations, and affix it to your package.Please read the information on the front page carefully, as it outlines important instructions. 

If you would like your mail and packages forwarded to an address other than your permanent address during the summer you must send and email to HOUSINGMAIL@LISTS.UPENN.EDU with the information listed below. Please note that mail and packages cannot be forwarded to international addresses per the U.S. Postal policy. We are also not able to forward packages sent from venders other then the United States Postal Services. For packages that cannot be forwarded you may chose to have them returned to sender or pay to have sent to you via Penn Personal Ship.



Information Needed For Forwarding


First and Last Name:

Spring 2021 On-campus Address:

Spring 2021 Moveout Date:

Temporary Address:

Primary Phone #:

Remember -- you can ship your larger or non-essential items to your mailing address in advance of your arrival to campus. However, items cannot be held longer than two weeks, so please time your shipments with that in mind.

Residents can contact for any questions about their mail service.