Information Centers

The Information Center in your College House is operated by the Residential Services Manager (RSM) and offers daily, front line, 24-hour assistance to residents.

It is the first point of contact for most residential concerns and provides services and support in areas of security, maintenance and equipment rental.

Quick Tip

Get to know your RSM! You’ll see them every day of the week, and they know a lot about the building operations of your home away from home! 

The Information Center provides the following services:

  • Assistance and follow up with maintenance and housekeeping issues 
  • The monitoring and maintenance of systems and controls for safety, security, key control and resident privacy 
  • Loan of lock out and special use keys 
  • Guest access, guest passes and resident sign-in 
  • Loan of moving carts 
  • Access to house staff and program info 
  • Sign-out of house-specific items such as game equipment

The Information Center is staffed on weekdays from 8 am - 4 pm by the full-time RSM, and by student and Allied Barton guard staff on evenings and weekends. The Information Center program is managed by the Building Administration team in Residential Services. At all other times, trained student or professional guard staff can respond to issues or call for help for more complex issues. 

Gregory College House Carly MacDonald 215-898-5202
Harnwell College House Cooper Reichwein 215-898-5258
Harrison College House Danielle Arocho 215-898-5256
Hill College House Barbara Roscoe 215-898-5232
Kings Court English College House Adrienne Cromartie 215-898-4562
Lauder College House Jacky Dang 215-898-3000
The Quadrangle  Alicia Ruise 215-898-6886
Gutmann College House  K. S. Garrett 215-573-3600
Rodin College House   215-898-5254
Stouffer College House Amaltuas Taye  215-898-6827
W.E.B. Du Bois College House Jane Pablos 215-898-5253 
College House at the Radian Elijah Martinez 215-746-1188
Sansom Place West  


In any emergency, Penn's Division of Public Safety is staffed 24/7 and can be called directly at 215-573-3333 

The Residential Services Manager (RSM) is a full-time University employee. They hire, train and manage student staff, oversee the delivery of daily services to the residents and House staff, and keep abreast of concerns affecting house condition, appearance and operations. The RSMs take a great deal of pride in serving their house residents in making sure that things run smoothly.   The RSM and other Info Center staff can assist with questions or problems if your RA/GA/SA is not available. 


The RSM works closely with Residential Services administration to advocate for students in handling maintenance and housekeeping issues. They set priorities, follow up on open work orders, and call for emergency repairs. They manage the building key inventory, documenting and controlling use of all student room keys as well as keys to service areas and common rooms. 

The Information Center staff is not authorized as a lost and found and may not accept lost articles. These should be referred to Penn Police. They also do not accept personal deliveries to residents, though they are able to accept flowers and cookie deliveries.