Over the summer break, residents are not able to keep their belongings in their rooms. 

Quick Tip

When using a storage company, keep in mind: 

  1. Make sure that you understand their policies and practices. 

  1. Check references and insurance. 

  1. Know what services you will receive in return for payment. 

  1. Insure that your scheduled dates of pick up and moving are within the official move out dates. 

  1. Ensure that they will provide their own moving supplies including padding, carts, dollies, etc.

All contracted employees assisting with student moves are expected to follow residential security policies, for the protection of all residents. Specifically: 

  1. The moving employee must be signed in by the resident. 
  2. They will need a photo ID to verify their identity along with the official access pass. 
  3. The student resident MUST accompany the service provider at all times when they are in the College Houses and Sansom Place. 
  4. Students MUST be available to meet any moving or storage company so that they can oversee the transfer of their belongings. 
  5. Penn will NOT be responsible for belongings left or picked up by storage personnel, left unattended, or left behind in rooms or apartments by students. 
  6. Keys will not be issued to any visitor, family member or contractor by University personnel. 

During Move-In and Move-Out, moving companies are prohibited from parking near residence hall entrances during peak time. To maintain loading areas and traffic movement, vehicles larger than a typical passenger van will be directed to park in an area specifically identified for large vehicles. 

Weatherproof, lockable storage pods vendors include Flex Box, Door to Door, and PODS. Residential Services has no relationship with these vendors, nor jurisdiction over permits to place a vault in the campus area. Residents must work with the specific container company to obtain City of Philadelphia drop permits for any portable storage container. Consult with Public Safety regarding campus drop zones for these containers.