About Us

Residential Services Advisory Board

The Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) seeks to connect students that have a vested interest in the workings of university housing and residential aspects of campus life with Business Services and Residential Services, with the ultimate goal of generating discussion and initiatives that benefit all parties. The board's purview shall include:

  • Discussion of issues related to the work done by the Residential Services department of Business Services.
  • Specifically addressing the occupant's perspective on university housing with the goal of best representing the diverse student voice characteristic of Penn.
  • Responding to the changing student needs over time and connecting those students to the university through their residential experience.
  • Working towards the goal of creating a premier residential system.

Who We Are

RSAB Board Members all reside in University housing. The Board is a mix of members who represent constituent groups on campus and others who serve as at large members. Members representing the Undergraduate Assemble (UA), Sansom Place, and Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) are appointed by their respective organizations. All other members are appointed by the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) through the Board’s official annual nominations process.

The governing rules are outlined in the Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) constitution

Board Members
  • Prabh Dhaliwal
  • Daniel Kang
  • Mehmed Ozkan
  • Maitreya Shah
  • Tookah Tarraf


RSAB is proud to advocate on behalf of their peers. Here are some highlights of their accomplishments:

  • Advocated for and created proof of concept videos for 360 views of student rooms
  • Supported first year international students with their request to move-in 24 hours prior to their orientation
  • Shared feedback in order to improve conditions within the residences related to package and mail delivery; underutilized spaces in the College Houses and Sansom Place; ease of facilities maintenance requests.
  • Requested the installation of water bottle refill stations in the College Houses. 
  • Test drove the Room Selection 2020-2021 application

Suggestions and Contact

If you have any feedback about aspects of residential campus life that you would like the Residential Services Advisory Board to discuss and review, please contact us by emailing living@upenn.edu.