Moving Info

Day of Move-Out

We'll miss you, Quakers!

Moving out on the heels of a late exam at the end of a busy semester can feel overwhelming. Planning ahead is a good way to successfully meet academic demands while organizing to move out of your residence, so be sure to check out our Before You Move Out page. 

At the very least, here are three rules to live by: leave your room in a clean condition (taking all of your belongings); utilize self-checkout tool to check yourself out upon departure; say 'see you soon!' to your friends.

  • Donate gently used items you don't want to bring home to PennMOVES -- starting May 2 and through move-out, at donation locations across campus.  You'll benefit local community organizations at the same time. For more information about PennMOVES click here.
  • If you have utensils or dishes that you have "borrowed" from Penn Dining Cafes, please return them to the cafe. There will be no penalty.
  • If you have a green-to-go container, please return it to Hill, 1920 Commons, or English House.
  • Have lots of trash? Get trash bags at your Information Center at Move Out. Your room should be empty of trash and personal belongings when you check out.  Make sure trash bags are tightly closed before taking them to designated trash locations.  Do NOT leave trash in the hallways or stairwells - this creates a fire hazard, a tripping hazard and invites infestation. Place recyclables in the recycling collection areas, or donate to PennMOVES if appropriate.
  • Residents will be charged for removal of trash from rooms. Trash found in hallways that can be traced to individuals may also result in charges.
  • Please do not attempt to dispose of large items in trash chutes. Rugs, non-University furniture, cinder blocks, building materials, bricks, and other large or heavy items should be removed and NOT placed in trash chutes
  • The Quad and King's Court English House will have designated areas for large items.
  • Have a Microfridge? If you rented a Microfridge, make sure that that it is empty and clean prior to pickup.  Pickup information will be sent directly to residents via My Microfridge.

  • There are a limited number of moving carts available.  It's a good idea to have a hand truck or similar item to help transport your belongings. Lack of cart availability is NOT an acceptable reason for moving out after the deadline.  Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to move out.
  • Carts may only be borrowed for one hour.
  • Carts must be signed out at the tent located near the resident's College House.
  • Carts are not loaned to fraternity or sorority residents.
  • Carts are not to be loaned to off-campus students or previous College House residents.
  • To borrow a cart, the resident should go to the cart tent and provide their PennCard.
  • Charges up to and including $450 will be assessed for late-returned or not returned carts.

Residents can sign in guests via RHS Portal or at your building's Information Center.  

  • Residents who do not leave at the official end of the occupancy period must have authorization for Early Termination from the Housing Occupancy Office to move out. Without proper authorization, the resident will not be released from their lease and will continue to be charged rent.
  • Failure to complete self-checkout by the scheduled move-out deadline will result in daily fines and additional rent charges. In addition, a minimum of $200 will be charged to cover the cost of changing the room lock, if the resident fails to return a room key that was issued to them (if applicable). 
  • While most residential buildings have electronic access, residents should turn in any room or residential keys to their Information Center at check out. A resident's occupancy ends *only* when check-out takes by completing self-checkout and keys are returned (if applicable).
  • The University is not responsible for belongings left in rooms or storage areas past the move-out date and time. Items not removed at move out will be removed and disposed of at the expense of the resident.
  • Residents may not return to stay in their room or apartment after they have checked out. Every apartment is checked within the day of check out. Unauthorized residents will face administrative action and additional charges. Belongings found in any room or apartment after check out may be confiscated and disposed of.
  • Failure to move out by the prescribed move out date will result in prorated daily rent charges, move-out fines, and possible eviction.
  • Move-Out times and dates are firm. They are communicated widely throughout the year and are agreed to at the signing of the Terms and Conditions, and again at Move-In. Residential staff may employ aggressive measures, including lock changes, to ensure compliance if necessary.

  • Loading passes are provided upon arrival to campus; they are not available online (spring semester move-out only)
  • Residents should have all their belongings packed in advanced to reduce their loading time.
  • Residents who are unloading outside of the Move-Out hours listed above should follow the normal PPA street parking rules.
  • A 1 hour loading/parking pass will be issued by Residential Services staff. 
  • Loading will be permitted at meters posted for Move-Out on streets adjacent to residences (spring semester move-out only)
  • Residents moving out via a Taxi or Ride-share service (UBER & Lyft) should schedule their pick up at either 36th & Spruce, 37th & Spruce, or  39th & Spruce. There will be a 5 minute loading zone at these locations when Spruce street is closed. Residents should be outside and ready to go before scheduling their pick up (spring semester move-out only)
  • Residents who are unloading outside of the Move-Out hours listed above should follow the normal PPA street parking rules.

When moving out, residents must return all residential keys (if applicable) and use self-checkout to check out of room. Move-Out is not complete if keys are not returned.  Residents who do not turn in their keys or who do not move out of their space by their deadline will be charged a $150/day late move-out fee plus room rent charges, until their move-out can be verified by a Residential Services employee. 

Residents who do not return their keys at move-out are also subject to being charged for the changing of their locks.  Fees for this lock change will be at least $200.