Day of Move-Out


Since 2008, Business Services has operated PennMOVES which collects items that Penn students can’t take with them when they leave campus in May – clothes, furniture, appliances, books, housewares, toys, sporting goods and nonperishable food, etc. To divert them from landfill, these items are collected and donated to Goodwill. On average, over 52,000 pounds of items are collected each year.

Donation stations will be staffed by student volunteers. Large or unwieldy items should be donated to the Hamilton Village location. Under no circumstances should items be left outside of the posted donation hours. If you require a donation receipt, please speak to the student volunteer on site for more information.

For full details on PennMOVES, click on the arrows below:

  • We continue to work with Goodwill; in addition to handling housewares, unopened, nonperishable food, clothing, and other items, they partner with an e-waste recycler and will accept all of our electronics, functional or not.
  • Faculty and staff may deposit their items in Goodwill bins across campus.
  • Off campus residents may bring their items to one of the donation sites on campus.

  • Clothes: should be clean and dry. No undergarments except unused in original packaging, or bras that are clean and in good condition.
  • Soft goods: towels, sheets, pillowcases, comforters, clothes etc. should be clean and dry
  • Shoes, boots, jewelry and accessories: matching items should be kept together, shoes can be tied together, or rubber banded together
  • Household items: No items larger than 24"x18". Box or wrap dishes & silverware in sets. Please make sure all donations are in working order.
  • Office items: paper, pencils, pens, folders: Clean and in usable condition
  • Electronics: No items larger than 24"x18" phones, e-readers, laptops, etc., functional or not.
  • Other items: Toys, sports equipment, books, nonperishable food items new in sealed container

  • Items larger than 24"x18"
  • Broken, dirty appliances, housewares, etc. 
  • Foam egg crate mattress toppers, mattress pads
  • Soft goods that are dirty, damp, torn, stained
  • Open or used toiletries
  • Perishable food
  • Open non-perishable food
  • Bona-fide trash
  • Any furniture that came with your room/apartment or from your College House
  • Socks or underwear (except for clean bras and items unused in the original packaging)

  • Hamilton Village – Outside, donation boxes adjacent to Locust Walk, just west of Harnwell.
  • Lauder Outside, donation boxes within in the Heyman Courtyard.
  • The Quadrangle – Outside, donation boxes near the Upper and Lower Quad Gates
  • Kings Court/English House – Inside, donation box in front of the 2nd floor lounge
  • Hill – Outside, donation boxes beneath the entrance bridge
  • Gregory - Outside, between Class of ’25 and Van Pelt
  • Du Bois - outside main entrance

  • Hamilton Village – May 2nd-16th, 10AM-8PM
  • Lauder – May 2nd-16th, 10AM-8PM
  • The Quadrangle – May 2nd-16th, 10AM-8PM
  • Kings Court/English House – May 2nd-16th, 10AM-8PM
  • Hill May 2nd-16th, 10AM-8PM
  • Gregory - May 2nd - 21st. Outside, between Class of ’25 and Van Pelt
  • Du Bois - May 2nd - 21st, Outside main entrance

Are you interested in helping the environment? If so, then PennMOVES could use your help. Pledge 20 hours between May 2nd and May 17th to support a socially and environmentally sustainable cause that helps connect surplus goods from the Penn community with those in need. If interested, please complete this brief survey for PennMOVES.

Volunteer with PennMOVES in exchange for a free housing extension until 12 noon on Tuesday, May 21st.