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Living Options

Your New Home Away From Home

Penn’s residential system is comprised of thirteen undergraduate College Houses. Approximately 5,500 undergraduates live on campus. The College Houses offer distinct room types, amenities, and communities – making it easy to find what’s right for you.

First-Year, Four-Year, or UpperClass

Finding What's Right For You

At Penn, we’ve curated our living options to make sure there’s something for everyone. Our First-Year Houses are designed specifically to cater to students living on our campus for the first time, where they can be surrounded by peers in a similar situation. Students may want the opportunity to get to know upperclassmen with whom they can grow through their time at Penn – making a Four-Year House the best fit for them. For our upperclass students, the high-rises continue the community students developed their first year with apartment-style living.


Comfort and Convenience

In addition to the great communities in each of our College Houses, our buildings also have operational amenities to support your residential experience.

  • Information Centers + 24-Hour Security
  • Electronic locks to building, room + bedroom
  • Free laundry facilities for residents
  • Free Wi-Fi + Cable TV
  • Mail + package rooms
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Ready to make your

Room Selection

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Everything you need

To Succeed

Program Communities

Shared Curiosity. Shared Space.

Penn's College Houses provide a wide range of programs, services, and social opportunities for residents including over 25 Program Communities, which offer you the opportunity to live in smaller, tightly-knit housing with other students and faculty who share a passion for a particular subject. From focuses on film or the visual arts, to science and technology, politics and the humanities, there are a range of topics from which to choose.

Our Urban Campus

At the Center of it All

Penn’s campus provides the perfect match of safety and comfort mixed with opportunity and excitement. Our College Houses are located literally at the center of it all – close to classes, dining cafés, public transportation, shops, and restaurants  – while also equipped with secure entrance procedures.

Check out all that Penn has to offer though the Penn Admissions virtual tour.