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Residential Handbook

The Office of College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS) and the Department of Residential Services collaborate to produce an annual Residential Handbook. The Residential Handbook is a reference for living on campus in Penn’s residences. It is not all-inclusive and often refers to established rules of the University, including those published in other University, College House and Residential Services communications and websites. 

The Residential Handbook provides the policies, rules, and regulations required for living safely and productively in a Penn residential community. These policies are designed to ensure a pleasant, safe, and equitable residential living experience. 

In the list of residential policies, spaces are defined as follows:

College Houses: Any University owned and operated residential facility defined as a College House.

Sansom Place: University owned building located at 3650 Chestnut St.

Common Areas: Any area in a College House outside of a student room, suite or apartment such as: community bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, study areas, program specific areas, hallways, stair towers and elevators.

Student Room: Includes bedroom and living areas within a room or suite or apartment. Kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms associated with suites or apartments are considered part of the student room.