Internet & Cable

All residents of the College Houses are provided with access to XFinity On-Campus through PennVideo Network.   All on-campus residential buildings have wireless Internet capabilities. Most but not all on-campus residential buildings also provide the option for wired network connections.   Please note that the availability of the wired network is dependent on multiple factors including a resident’s room.  Please visit for any questions related to network connectivity in your College House.

Quick Tip

Streaming TV services are provided in the College Houses. As part of their student housing, residents can stream over 270 channels of live and on-demand XFINITY on Campus content to their computer, mobile devices, or approved third-party devices if they would like to watch on a traditional television. Optional premium channel programming is available through for a monthly fee. 

See for details.

Wireless resources are available for students living on and off campus at

AirPennNet is the University’s wireless network that provides secure Internet access in campus buildings and residence halls. AirPennNet uses 802.1X network encryption to secure your wireless communications. You will need to configure your device to use Penn’s wireless network before you connect to AirPennNet. Your PennKey user name and password are needed in order to successfully configure your device to connect to AirPennNet.