Semester Breaks

The College Houses and Sansom Place remain open for Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break. For Winter Break, all of the residential buildings close except for Harnwell, Harrison, Rodin, and Sansom Place. Information about Winter Break will be updated during the fall semester.

Quick Tip

Make sure you review occupancy dates of your building so you plan your travel accordingly.

In addition to the information found in the Other Break Periods section, please note the following steps for leaving campus for Winter Break:

  1. Close your windows when you leave to keep out cold air, rain and wind. Failure to do this may result in fines of at least $50. 
  2. Leave heat settings on low to minimize risk of frozen pipes. 
  3. Lock all doors.
  4. Store items OFF the floor of your room (i.e., on the bed or desk) to avoid damage in the event of a flood. 
  5. Make sure that lounge and common bathroom windows are closed and locked at all times. 
  6. Seal food items in containers to avoid drawing pests. Clean up crumbs after that last study break. 
  7. POWER DOWN! Unplug appliances: i.e. lamps, clocks, fans, computers, appliances except refrigerators. 
  8. Take your must-need items with you, such as jewelry, computers, small electronics, medications, passports, critical documents, etc.

The Harnwell and Hill Mail & Package Centers will remain open through Winter Break except for the Holiday closures listed below. For questions regarding mail or packages please email . Following is additional information for winter break mail and package services.


If you are leaving for winter break:

  • All mail and packages will be held at the Hill or Harnwell Package Centers over the winter break period.
  • Packages that were delivered to package lockers prior to winter break will be returned to your Mail & Package Center if you did not pick them up before leaving campus.
  • You will not be allowed to enter the College Houses or Sansom Place West to retrieve mail or packages during the winter break period.
  • Please note that you may receive autogenerated email reminders for package pickups. Regardless of these reminder emails your packages will be held and not returned to sender.

If you are staying on-campus for winter break:

  • Mail and packages will be available for pickup at the Hill or Harnwell Mail & Package Center throughout the break.
  • Please note that If you have been assigned to stay in a College House other than your academic year assignment for winter break your Mail & Package Center may have changed. Following are the College Houses that are served by each Mail & Package Center.
    • Harnwell Mail & Package Center
      • Du Bois College House 
      • Gregory College House 
      • Gutmann College House
      • Harnwell College House 
      • Harrison College House 
      • The Quadrangle 
      • Rodin College House 
      • Stouffer College House  
    •  Hill Mail & Package Center
      • Hill College House 
      • Kings Court English College House 
      • Lauder College House 
      • Sansom Place West

​​​​​​Mail & Package Center Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 8AM-9PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-5PM
  • Holiday Mail & Package Center Hours
    • Friday 12/24 – Open from 8AM-2PM
    • Saturday 12/25 – Closed
    • Friday, 12/31 -- Open from 8AM-4PM
    • Saturday 1/1 – Closed

If you are Graduating in January:

  • Mail and packages can be forwarded to you for up to 6 months after graduation. If you would like to request mail forwarding you must email with the following information.
    • Email Subject line: “Add to Mail Forwarding”
    • Full Name
    • Fall 2022 Room Assignment
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
    • Forwarding address
  • Please note that there may be costs associated with forwarding mail and packages. Mail & Package Center staff will contact you if additional postage is needed to forward you item.
    • Domestic mail send via USPS can be forwarded at no change.
    • Mail that is being forwarded to an international address will need additional postage before it can be sent.
    • Packages will likely need additional postage before they can be forward unless the option for package forwarding was included with the initial shipment.

  • Access to open buildings is restricted to building residents and their guests only. 
  • Anyone who is not a resident of the building, or does not have a valid PennCard, including a family member, is considered a guest. Residents will be able to sign in guests at the Information Center, following established guest access procedures. 
  • Winter Break Housing participants are permitted to have guests during winter break following established guest access procedures. This includes having no more than two guests at a time, signing your guest(s) in for every entry, and accompanying your guest at all times. Guest passes will not be issued and guests are unable to stay longer than a consecutive 3 days and 2 nights.
  • Guests must complete the PennOpen Campus.
  • Guests must have a valid form of photo ID to be signed in and must be accompanied by a building resident host at all times. They should expect to present their ID for sign in and for physical verification upon each entry. 
  • For the Sabbath observant, a Shabbat Security List is generated by The Orthodox Community at Penn to permit observant Jewish students special access to the residences on Shabbat without carrying their ID cards. 
  • Residents are responsible for their guests at all times! 
  • Guest passes will NOT be issued or accepted for access into open buildings during the Winter Break period. 

When you leave campus for Fall, Thanksgiving, or Spring Break, please do the following:

  1. Lock your apartment or room door whenever you leave. Make sure that windows are closed and locked and that shades, drapes, and blinds are closed. 

  1. Make sure that valuables and electronics are stored in a safe and secure location. 

  1. If you have a bike on campus, think about storing it in your room, or use a "U-Lock" to secure it to a bike rack in a populated area. 

  1. Make sure that lounge and common bathroom windows are closed and locked at all times. 

  1. Seal food items in containers to avoid drawing pests. Clean up crumbs after that last study break. 

  1. POWER DOWN! Unplug appliances: i.e. lamps, clocks, fans, computers, appliances except refrigerators. 

  1. Unplug, remove or throw away decorations.