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Harnwell College House is one of three Upperclass Community 24-floor high rise buildings located on the west side of Penn’s campus. Students can choose from a variety of apartment-style room types from a single room, to a four-bedroom quad, all with private baths. The College House cultivates friendly, open communities in which cultural and intellectual exchange is balanced by civility and mutual respect. This diversity allows residents to enjoy the high-rise space with the feeling of a small community.

Room Types
Harrison Single Room Layout

Single Rooms

Total Number: 4
Harnwell Single Apartment Layout

Single Apartments

Total Number: 32
Harnwell Double One Bedroom Apartment

Double (1BR/LR/Kit)

Total Number: 26
Harnwell Double Two Bedroom Layout

Double (2BR)

Total Number: 22
Double Two Bedroom with Living Room Layout

Double (2BR/LR)

Total Number: 21
Harnwell Double Two Bedroom Apartment Layout

Double (2BR/LR/Kit)

Total Number: 3
Harnwell Triple Apartment Layout

Triple (3BR/LR/Kit)

Total Number: 42
Harnwell Quad Three Bedroom Apartment Layout

Quad (3BR/LR/Kit)

Total Number: 83
Harnwell Quad Four Bedroom Apartment Layout

Quad (4BR/LR/Kit)

Total Number: 34

What’s included in your room

We believe one of the most important ways to feel at home is to make sure your room is equipped with everything you need. That means giving you a foundation, but also providing the space to make your room uniquely yours; a place to call home.

  • Bed (Twin Extra Long 36x80x6)
  • Desk + Chair
  • Dresser
  • Sofa (living rooms only)
  • Table + Chairs (kitchens only)
  • Tile Flooring
  • Blinds
  • Microwave (Units with Kitchen)
  • Microfridge (Units without Kitchen)
House Facilities

Going Above and Beyond

Harnwell’s variety of performance and arts related facilities, such as music practice rooms and our dance gallery, make it a great place to bring artists and activities from different cultural perspectives right to residents here in the House. Harnwell residents also have access to our first floor computer lab and library, a great place to study with rooms you can reserve for group study sessions too. Our Rooftop Lounge offers a stunning view of Philadelphia and wonderful sunlight for meetings, casual conversations with friends, and study space.

  • Computer Room
  • Dance Studio
  • 12 Laundry Rooms (even floors)
  • 24 Lounges (one per floor)
  • 3 Music Practice Rooms
  • Seminar Room
  • 2 Study Rooms
360 Room Tours

See Yourself On Campus

Ever wonder what your next room might look like if you lived there? Check out our 360 Room Tours to picture yourself in your next home at Penn.

House Communities

The Harnwell College House Family

Beyond the building, our home is defined by its people. Intelligence, integrity, and initiative are the hallmarks of not only our residents, but also RAs, GRAs, Managers, staff and faculty that all live in the building.

  • Ancient Studies/University Museum
  • Arts House
  • Muslim Life Residential Program
  • Asian/Asian American Program
  • International Program
  • Latin American Program
House Location

Mailing + Directions

Living Address:
3820 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6134

For mailing address, click here.

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