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This 430-bed residential building houses first, second, third, and fourth-year students. Gutmann College House provides common areas including study, living, seminar and music practice rooms. For the 2024-2025 academic year, Gutmann College House will be a Four-Year College House.

Room Types
New College House West 2 Bedroom and Living Room

2-Bed Suites

Number Available: 6

4-Bed Suites

Number Available: 66
New College House West 5 Bedroom

5-Bed Suites

Number Available: 5
New College House West 6 Bedroom

6-Bed Suites

Number Available: 22

What’s Included in Your Room

We believe one of the most important ways to feel at home is to make sure your room is equipped with everything you need. That means giving you a foundation, but also providing the space to make your room uniquely yours; a place call home. All suites have single bedrooms, suite bathrooms, and a sink, microwave, and mini-fridge.

  • Bed (Twin Extra-Long 36x80x6)
  • Built-In Desk + Chair
  • Wardrobe with Shelving
  • Dressers (two)
  • Table, Chairs + Sofa (Living Rooms Only)
  • Blinds
  • Window Screens
  • Tile Flooring
  • Microfridge (One Per Suite)
House Facilities

Going Above and Beyond

This newest College House is home to a variety of amenities to create a unique community for our residents. There is no shortage of spaces for you to feel at home and to make your mark at Penn and beyond.

  • Multipurpose Room
  • Coffee Bar
  • Campus Green
  • 1 Common Living Room
  • 1 Project Room
  • 2 Seminar Rooms
  • 1 Fitness Room
  • 1 Wellness Studio
  • 2 Music Practice Rooms
  • 8 Club Rooms with Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Dining Cafe
360 Room Tours

See Yourself On Campus

Ever wonder what your next room might look like if you lived there? Check out our 360 Room Tours to picture yourself in your next home at Penn.

House Community

The Gutmann College House Family

As a resident of the Gutmann College House community, you will be integral to developing what it means to be part of the GCH family. Our house team strives to creates programs and traditions that make Gutmann College House a home.

House Location

Mailing + Directions

Living Address:
211 South 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4531

For mailing address, click here.

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