We know that there is a lot to consider when thinking about your home at Penn. Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding assignments.

What is the Room Change Process for Fall 2021?

Undergraduate & Graduate

MyHomeAtPenn will open for room changes in the afternoon of Wednesday, September 15.  The form will close on Friday, November 19 at 11:59 pm.  


There are 3 different types of room change that a resident can request – a traditional room change into a vacant room, a mutual trade request where two residents swap rooms, or a request to move into an existing vacancy in a friend’s room or suite.  When you log into MyHomeAtPenn, you will have an opportunity to select the room change type that you are interested in pursuing.  Room change requests are reviewed chronologically and offers are made based upon availability.  Historically, there are more requests for single rooms and private rooms in suites than we have availability.


Rising 3rd and 4th year students have priority for reassignment to available single bedroom apartments. While rising 2nd year students can preference single bedroom apartments, it is highly unlikely that they will be reassigned to this room type. These units are typically reserved for upperclass students.


First-Year Students (Class of 2025)


First-Year students can only request a room change into first-year rooms in first-year communities.  Available College Houses for first-year students are Du Bois; Gregory; Hill; Kings Court English; Lauder; Quad- Fisher Hassenfeld, Riepe, Ware; and Stouffer-Stouffer.


Returning Undergraduate Students, Transfer Students, and Exchange Students


Second-, third-, and fourth-year students, transfer students, and exchange students can only request a room change into Upperclass rooms in Upperclass communities.  Available College Houses for this population of students are Du Bois, Gregory, Harnwell, Harrison, Lauder, New College House West, Rodin, and Stouffer (Mayer and Stouffer).  Residents who switch rooms are responsible for paying the housing rate of the newly assigned room, regardless of the reason for the change.


Please be aware that room changes for all populations (first-year and Upperclass) will be limited and based on space availability.  


If a space that meets any of your preferences is available, you will receive an offer to your Penn email with information about the new space. Please do not list preferences if you are not willing to live in those locations.


Once you are offered a space, you must accept it in writing to within 48 business hours. If your decline the request or we do not hear from you within 48 business hours, the offer will be cancelled and your request will be moved to the bottom of our list.

Are you a currently enrolled student who missed out on Housing Selection? It’s not too late to land a home in the College Houses for the 21-22 Academic Year. The Rolling Undergraduate Application goes live on April 12, and applicants will be assigned housing in an ongoing basis throughout the spring and beginning of the summer. To access the Rolling Undergraduate Application, visit MyHomeAtPenn.

First-Year Students:

With the exception of those applying to live in a Program Community, first-year students who submit their Housing Application by the deadline are assigned via a computerized lottery process. The program attempts to place students in one of their preferences. If no space is available in the College Houses preferenced by the student, they will be placed in any available room. Approximately 80% of students applying by May 6 receive one of their top three choices. While student requests are considered if the form is submitted after the deadline, assignments will be made based on availability.  If no form is submitted by June25, a student will be assigned to any available space.


Students applying to a Program Community are accepted and placed into programs by the College House Directors.


Returning Students:

The Room Selection process begins early in the spring semester. Students returning to their same College House have priority over students changing Houses. While housing is not guaranteed, space is generally available on-campus if students are flexible in their room type choices. It is not uncommon for some students to be placed on a waitlist and accommodated throughout the summer.

As a reminder, all members of the Class of 2025 will take part in Penn’s Second-Year Experience initiative by living on campus for their first two years. Residential Services is supporting this commitment by providing new and distinctive housing options for students to build off of their first-year living in the College Houses.

Transfer Students:

Transfer students submitting their Housing Application by June 30 are assigned in the first round.  Assignments will be posted on or after July 13 on Campus Express. While preferences are considered, they cannot be guaranteed because of limited availability.  Anyone not submitting a request form by July 15 be assigned to any available space.


Graduate Students:
Returning graduate students may reserve their rooms during a specified time in the spring semester. New graduate students are assigned on a rolling basis beginning in April. Early application is advised to increase their chances of securing their preferred room type.

Due to summer conferences and maintenance work, we are unable to show undergraduate rooms in advance. Our website has lots of information about the College Houses, including room type diagrams, lists of amenities, and much more!  Diagrams may not be exact and are only meant as a general guide.


Unless otherwise requested, all rooms are designated as single-sex. However, students may apply for Gender Inclusive Housing. If you are under 18 years of age written parental permission must be provided in order for your request to be considered. Gender Inclusive Housing room assignments will be made without regard to sex assigned at birth or gender identity. Please refer to the Gender Inclusive Housing policy for details.

No. The gender of the bathroom (male/female/co-ed) is either predesignated or designated by the students on the floor at the beginning of the fall semester.

All University of Pennsylvania undergraduate students are required to live in on-campus for their first four semesters (excluding summers), regardless of the number of course credits (CU) or class standing. Students who transfer to Penn from another institution with second year standing and who lived on campus their first year at their previous institution may count those semesters toward the Penn housing residency requirement.  Students will provide campus residence and contact information in their application.

  • Students who transfer to Penn from another institution with junior standing are required to live in on-campus housing for their first two semesters at Penn.
  • Students who study abroad during their sophomore year may include that time toward the requirement. Students who take a leave of absence may not count partial semesters in residence toward the requirement.
  • Signing an off-campus lease or entering into a housing agreement within a fraternity or sorority house does not exempt the student from this policy.

An exemption is only granted to students who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The student is enrolled in the College of Liberal Studies or in the Penn Nursing BSN Second Degree Program.
  2. The student is married or in a University-recognized domestic partnership.  Proof of marriage or domestic partnership is required.
  3. The student is living with their dependents. Official copy(s) of birth certificate(s) or federal/state income tax returns showing exemptions claimed for dependent(s) is required.
  4. The student is age 22 or older at the start of the academic year.
  5. Exemption requests must be submitted by February 18 for rising second-year and transfer students, by May 31 for Fall 2022 incoming students, and by June 30 for newly-admitted transfer and exchange students. Late requests will not be considered.

Students meeting one of the above criteria must submit an exemption request through MyHomeAtPenn.

Entry into a lease agreement off campus or living in fraternity/sorority housing is not grounds for an exemption.

If you feel you meet the above criteria for exemption and are interested in living off-campus for the 2022-2023 Academic Year, you will need to complete a Housing Exemption Form via MyHomeAtPenn. Once submitted, you will receive a follow-up email from the Housing Occupancy team requesting proof of residency. The proof of residency must be on official university letterhead, signed by personnel within the previous institution’s housing office. It must also include the following:

  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s College House/Residence Hall
  • Student’s room number(s)
  • Dates of occupancy

Once the proof of residency is submitted and is reviewed, you will receive determination from the Housing Occupancy Team via email. It is highly encouraged that you do not sign any binding agreements with off-campus properties until your final decision is received.