We know that there is a lot to consider when thinking about your home at Penn. Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding assignments.

First-Year Students:
With the exception of those applying to live in a Program Community, first-year students who submit housing preferences by the deadline are assigned via a computerized lottery process. The program attempts to place students in one of their preferences. If no space is available that matches a student’s preferences, then they will be placed in any available room. Approximately 80% of students applying by May 2 receive one of their top three choices. While student requests are considered if the form is submitted after the deadline, assignments will be made based on availability.  If no form is submitted by June 29, a student will be assigned to any available space.


Students applying to a Program Community are accepted and placed into programs by the College House Deans.


Upperclass Students:
The Room Selection process begins early in the spring semester. Students returning to their same College House have priority over students changing Houses. While housing is not guaranteed, space is generally available on-campus if students are flexible in their room type choices. It is not uncommon for some students to be placed on a waitlist and accommodated throughout the summer.


Transfer Students:
Transfer students submitting their Housing Preference Request Form by June 15 are assigned in the first round.  Assignments will be posted on or after July 15 on Campus Express. While preferences are considered, they cannot be guaranteed because of limited availability.  Anyone not submitting a request form by June 28 will be assigned to any available space.


Graduate Students:
Returning graduate students may reserve their rooms during a specified time in the spring semester. New graduate students are assigned on a rolling basis beginning in April. Early application is advised to increase their chances of securing their preferred room type.

Due to summer conferences and maintenance work, we are unable to show undergraduate rooms in advance. Most floor plans are available under College Houses and at Campus Express. Diagrams may not be exact and are only meant as a general guide.


Graduate students interested in living in Sansom Place can see a representative room. Contact the Housing Assignments Office at to make a reservation for a Sansom tour. For best availability, please send your email at least 24 hours prior to your visit.

Unless otherwise requested, all rooms are designated as single-sex. However, students may apply for Gender Inclusive Housing. If you are under 18 years of age written parental permission must be provided in order for your request to be considered. Gender Inclusive Housing room assignments will be made without regard to sex assigned at birth or gender identity. Please refer to the Gender Inclusive Housing policy for details.

If you have selected a room through the Room Selection Processes but would prefer a different room type and/or location you may apply for a room change using the Room Change Request Form at

  • Beginning February 27 and ending July 31, complete the room change request at MyHomeAtPenn. You may request a mutual swap with another student, a specific space in a friend's room, or a general room change. If you are interested in a general room change, include specific room types and locations you are interested in and use the additional comments section to give information you think would be helpful in finding a new room (example: "anything with a kitchen", or "any room with a private bedroom," etc).  You will only be offered spaces that meet your criteria.
  • As spaces become available through cancellation, they will be offered to students on the room change waitlist.
  • If you are offered a space, you must accept it in writing to within 48 business hours.  If we do not hear from you, the offer expires. You will remain in your originally selected room.
  • If you want to apply as a group with potential roommates, each person must submit a request. Use the "additional comments" section to include names if you have more than one roommate. If the group is offered a room change, each person must respond by the deadline.
  • If none of your preferred room types becomes available by August 6, you will keep your original assignment.

Rolling Undergraduate application is for students who applied but did not receive a room assignment through Room Selection and for students who did not apply for housing during Room Selection. Students who are willing to accept a variety of room types have a very good chance of being assigned a room. Students applying after Room Selection should complete the Rolling Undergraduate application.

  • Rolling Undergraduate applications will be accepted beginning March 2 at MyHomeAtPenn.
  • If you applied through Room Selection but did not receive a room assignment and you apply to the waitlist between March 2 and March 6, you will be added to the waitlist ahead of those who did not participate in the Room Selection process.
  • When applying you will be agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Once you are assigned a space your financial obligation begins.  You may cancel prior to occupancy but a cancellation fee will be applied.
  • List only room type preferences that you are willing to live in. As soon as space in one of your preferences becomes available, you will be assigned. You will be notified of the assignment. If you check that you will accept 'any' room, you will be assigned to any available vacancy if your room preferences are not available.
  • Stay in touch with the Housing Assignments Office to discuss your status. You may update your room preferences or cancel your application at any time prior to assignment. Once you are assigned a room, you will incur cancellation fees if you cancel your housing.
  • If you find off-campus housing, contact the Housing Assignments Office at or 215-898-8271 immediately in order to cancel your housing application. This will avoid your being assigned a space and having to pay a cancellation fee.

No. The gender of the bathroom (male/female/co-ed) is either predesignated or designated by the students on the floor at the beginning of the fall semester.