Hill Tip Sheet

Below you'll find information on the facilities in your suite. 

Like all of our College Houses, there is an Information Center desk in the lobby of the building which you can reach via 215-898-5232. The Information Center will provide: 

  • Assistance and follow-up with maintenance and housekeeping issues  
  • The monitoring and maintenance of systems and controls for safety, security, key control and resident privacy  
  • Loan of lock out and special use keys  
  • Guest access, guest passes and resident sign-in  
  • Loan of moving carts 

For assistance with a facilities emergency that occurs during the weekend or 5 pm Monday through Friday, please contact 215-898-7208.

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Pull the shower curtain inside the tub while you are showering to prevent leaks and flooding. 

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Food Disposal & Storage

Food waste should go in the trash. If you are cooking with oil or grease, put it in a container and let it harden, then dispose of it in the trash instead of pouring it down the sink, as it will cause a clog.

Use plastic containers to store food and dispose of leftovers quickly to discourage pests.

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Sprinklers & Smoke Detectors

Do not cover or hang anything from either the sprinkler or smoke detector – this could cause flooding and damage to your room.

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Do not lean against windows screens. Be sure the lock is disengaged before you try to close your window.

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Heating & Cooling

Hill’s heating and air conditioning is provided through valance units, which are installed on the ceilings by the windows of each room. These units circulate both heated and chilled air through water coils, causing air to flow through the room, all without the use of fans. The temperature is controlled through a digital thermostat located in the room.

When you raise the temperature set point in heating mode, the unit will run until the room reaches the desired temperature. If the temperature set point is lowered, the system will shut off until the room cools down naturally.

When you lower the temperature set point in air conditioning mode, the unit will run until the room reaches the desired temperature. If the temperature set point is raised, the system will shut off until the room warms up naturally.

Please keep your windows closed while the air conditioning is running to prevent moisture in your room.

For best air circulation, it is recommended that furniture is not placed against the FCU.

Seasonal Heating + Air Conditioning
The valance units are dual temperature systems and will provide heat or air conditioning seasonally. Facilities and Residential Services controls when the system transitions from one to the other.