Housekeeping & Facilities

Common Areas will be cleaned daily with high touch areas being cleaned multiple times a day.

Two times a day, seven days a week.

Housekeeping uses a Hospital Grade Disinfectant when providing service throughout buildings daily. In compliance with CDC Guidelines, Housekeeping will clean high-touch surfaces multiple times per day. This includes door knobs, railings, and elevator buttons. 

In the case of building wide maintenance, every effort will be made to let you know about the work before it happens.  For work orders, unfortunately we cannot notify you ahead of the arrival of the workers.  Notices will be placed in the room after the work to inform you of the workers presence.  Also note that there may be emergency situations (floods, etc.) that require Facilities or Residential Services to enter rooms without prior notice.

We recommend residents limiting trips to laundry rooms as much as possible and laundering full loads of laundry when possible.  Residents are reminded to keep their masks on in the laundry room and use the wipes available in the laundry rooms as appropriate.

We encourage occupants to take stairs when possible, especially when elevator lobbies are crowded or when only going a few flights.

Residents are encouraged to follow the direction of signage in and around the elevators

Residents should remain masked in elevators and avoid speaking in elevator, when possible.

Residents should minimize touching surfaces in the elevator.  When possible, residents should use an object or their knuckle to push elevator buttons

Residents should wash their hands and avoid touching their face after holding on to handrails or touching buttons.

Our buildings’ air systems already use a filter that exceeds the recommendation from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for removing COVID-19. Per ASHRAE, risk from central air systems is significantly less compared to individuals not wearing face coverings, not washing hands, and not abiding by physical distancing protocols.