Spring 2021 Dining

Penn Dining brings you flavorful, nutritious food with easy access to conveniently located, great tasting meal options right on campus. In this section you'll find information about dining plans and dining on campus.

PennEATS App

To assist with downloading Transact Mobile Ordering/Penn Eats to your iPhone, here is some information supplied by Apple. If arriving from outside North America, you may need to change the home location of your Apple ID, or create a second US based ID. Click on the link below:


In order to adhere to health guidelines, there will be many changes to our dining program including:

  • Most food will be prepackaged, "grab and go" options.
  • Self-serve stations within the cafes will be closed.
  • Dining rooms for in-person dining will not be available at the start of the semester. We will provide more information about in-person dining later in the semester. 
  • Contactless PennEats app will support your safe dining experience
  • For physical distancing, entering and exiting cafes may be different from your past experience, as we work towards having queuing lines.  Facial coverings will be required for entrance to all dining facilities. You will also need to show your PennOpen Pass.
  • Staff will be on site should you have any questions or need assistance.


As opportunities arise to change services, we will do so. We strive to provide a variety of food options to our students!

Residential Dining Locations will operate using a Pick 5 program where guests can choose (1) entrée, (3) sides, and (1) beverage. All meals are prepared and packaged in-house. Vegan/vegetarian options will also be available for each meal period.  Options will vary at each residential café. Check Menu Mail to determine which options you prefer.

Examples of what to expect your meals to look like include:


  • Lightly seasoned seared flounder fillet with roasted-fennel infused butter and wine sauce. Served with herbed couscous and dilled carrots.
  • Lemon herb roasted chicken served with steamed broccoli and rosemary fingerling potatoes.
  • Seared tofu with zucchini, mushrooms, mixed bell peppers, baby corn, garlic and chili flakes, tangy tamarind sauce, and jasmine rice.
  • Pizza and Pasta Specialties such as steamed penne pasta, roasted vegetables, house-made herbed tomato sauce, and shredded mozzarella cheese.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Performance Bowls: offering pre-made chef’s bowls with a meat or plant-based protein and vinaigrette options on the side.


  • Side salads
  • Fruit cups
  • Yogurt cups (granola cups on the side)
  • Mezze (hummus or baba ghanoush and pita with ever-changing sides such as olives, roasted red peppers, and feta cheese)
  • Soups
  • Bread and bagels
  • Cereal and milk
  • Hand fruit (apples, bananas, oranges)
  • Cookies, brownies, and fruit bars
  • Pie, cake, and bread pudding

If you have a special dietary need concern, our well-trained chefs and registered dietitian will be glad to assist you with menu options to meet your dietary needs.

In residential dining, physical distancing will be in place. How it will be implemented will differ according to the facility, but staff and signage will provide diners with instructions. When space allows, students can walk between platforms to pick-up their pre-packaged meals. In smaller cafes, students will line up and be admitted to the café as capacity allows.


For retail locations, students will need to use the PennEats app to preorder all their food for pick-up. 


Starbucks (1920 Commons) – Mobile ordering to be picked up at a dedicated area in Starbucks. In-person ordering with physical distancing will be allowed, but no seating will be in place initially.

Use the PennEATS mobile app for many of your dining needs, such as in residential dining to pick a time when you want to arrive at the café and to make reservations when indoor dining begins. You can also use the app to order your food in advance with our retail dining at Houston Market and late-night at Lauder College House.

Anyone can download the PennEats app, as it can be used for retail purchases and to schedule your visit to a residential cafe.

Search "Transact Mobile Ordering" in the app store, and once downloaded you can select the University of Pennsylvania as your location.  When creating your account, link it with your Dining Dollars for easy use.  To make sure everything is linked properly, you must make sure you use the email address listed in your public profile in the Penn Directory.

Yes. A dining plan will enable you to have safe and easy access to food, delivery of meals should you become ill or quarantined, and access to the campus registered dietitian should you have special dietary needs. Dining is following all recommended health guidelines (see below) and even if guidelines change during the semester, dining will still continue to provide meals.

In order to adhere to health guidelines, we have made these changes in our dining program:

  • Most food will be pre-packaged, “grab and go” options only.
  • Self-serve stations within the cafes will be closed.
  • Dining room seating areas will initially be closed but plans are in place to migrate to 30%-50% of seating capacity to allow for physical distancing when approved/appropriate, using a reservation system.
  • Contactless PennEats app will support your safe dining experience
  • For physical distancing, entering and exiting cafes may be different from your past experience, as we work towards having queuing lines.  
  • Employees will be required to have daily health checks.
  • Measures will be in place to maintain physical distancing during queuing.

Yes, there will be ample options for those with special dietary needs. If you have a specific question, please contact our campus registered dietitian, Dan Connolly at Daniel.Connolly@cafebonappetit.com.

Kosher options will still be available, but as is currently the case, there will be an extra charge for kosher meals.

Guest swipes will not be included in dining plans for Spring Semester.

We made adjustments to the meal plans to meet the expanded semester. You can change your meal plan during the change period from January 20 to February 10. As a reminder, you can only change once per semester.

As a first-year student, you are required to be on a dining plan unless you have been approved for a housing exemption. If your request for an exemption from living on campus is approved, you must cancel your plan by January 8, 2021. If you do not cancel by this date you will be charged for your semester dining plan.

You can manage all your dining plan need on Campus Express including signing up for your plan, changing your plan (during the change period) and adding swipes and Dining Dollars.

You should go to Campus Express and select one of the two freshman plans by November 20. If you do not select a plan by that date, you will be automatically assigned to a plan. You may change your plan during the change period: January 20 – February 10. You may only change your plan once during a semester.

All dining plans officially start on January 20, 2021 , however dining cafes will gradually open starting January 10th, and you may use your plan to swipe in for a meal. 

Residential and Retail dining cafes will have special hours during the Spring 2021 Move-In.  You can find them on Penn Dining's Move-In Hours Website.

For spring 2021, we are offering two Freshmen Dining Plans, both of which cost $2885.

You cannot carryover your swipes. If you need assistance with how to make the most of your dining options, contact dining@upenn.edu for assistance.

Yes, students will be able to change their plans from January 20 to February 10, 2021. Please note: you can only change your plan once during the semester.

You will still be able to use your Dining Dollars. While not all our retail locations will be open, Houston Market, Gourmet Grocer, Starbucks and late night offerings at Lauder College House will be open and offer lots of choices for students to use their Dining Dollars. Hours may change as well.